• History

    The first ROCKET SHELLS TM drum shell was built in 1992 - the result of a “perfect storm” of innovation, ideas, and experiences.

    Owner and company founder Paul Hewitt has been intrigued with the drums since the age of ten. Since childhood you could find him tinkering, building, testing, and rebuilding anything from skateboards to the kitchen toaster, constantly in pursuit of mechanical perfection. Paul has received a solid and diverse education, receiving degrees in both Psychology and Engineering. “Understanding customers’ needs and being able to deliver on those needs is Rocket Shells main objective.” At the age of twenty-one, Paul found himself working as the production manager at Neill Pride Maui, a leading windsurfing equipment manufacturer.

  • Why Carbon Fiber

    “Not Just Round”

    Carbon fiber composites are used extensively in the aerospace, high performance automotive and sporting industries because of its’ high strength and low weight characteristics. Also commonly referred to as ‘graphite’, the material has become especially popular in the last decade as the material of choice for bicycles, high performance kayaks and paddles, race cars and, of course ROCKETS! Carbon fiber has replaced aluminum as the primary material used to construct the Superjumbo Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and has dramatically reduced weight and increased efficiency of those massive airliners. Demand by those companies actually caused a brief shortage of carbon fiber worldwide, until suppliers were able to increase production and meet the increasing demand of manufactures.

  • Our Commitment

    “Cost, Aesthetics And Performance”

    At Rocket Shells, we continually strive to make better products. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with the products and services you receive from us. Over the last 15 years, we have assembled a remarkable team of drummers, suppliers and other professionals in the industry, and we rely on their service, expertise and feedback for our continued success. We demand exceptional value in the raw materials and components we purchase, and we pass that quality and value on to our customers. We continuously strive to achieve a balance between COST, AESTHETICS and PERFORMANCE, because we believe that value comes from a combination of all three. In addition, advancement comes from feedback from our players, both positive and constructive… We look forward to hearing from you!