What is carbon fiber?

    Carbon fiber, alternatively graphite fiber, carbon graphite or CF, is a material consisting of fibers about 5–10 μm in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals that are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber. The crystal alignment gives the fiber high strength-to-volume ratio (makes it strong for its size). Several thousand carbon fibers are twisted together to form a yarn, which may be used by itself or woven into a fabric. The properties of carbon fibers, such as high flexibility, high tensile strength, low weight, high resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion, make them very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports. However, they are relatively expensive when compared to similar fibers, such as glass fibers or plastic fibers. (from Wikipedia) For more information and examples of carbon fiber products, please visit:

    What do carbon fiber drums sound like?

    Rocket Shells has a patented manufacturing process which is unique in the music industry. This process results in a shell which has the warmth of the best wood shells, the projection of metal shells, and the consistency of synthetic shells. By using various combinations of materials, our technicians are able to design and produce a shell for a specific application. We actually tune the drum before we build it!

    How much do Rocket Shells cost?

    We aim to be competitive in the drum market. We offer only high end products, and therefore, our prices can be compared to other professional level instruments.

    Where can I find Rocket Shells?

    We are working to make our products more readily available and easier for you to purchase. You can buy our snare drums, raw drum shells, and throwoffs on our purchase page. We also have a growing list of Authorized Manufacturers who have worked with us to develop shells unique to each companies “sound”. We also are working closely with high end dealers and distributors who are very eager to work closely with you.

    Who uses Rocket Shells?

    We have produced thousands of drums over the last 15+ years, mainly to professional players, collectors, recording artists, and hobbyists who believe that quality is value.

    What kind of snare does Jose use?

    Jose has many different Rocket Shells snare drums which he has collected over the last 10 years. His current favorite are his 7 x 14 Carbon Port, and 4 x 14 Pure Carbon, both of which are based on the C-1200 shell.

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