• Paul Hewitt

    Paul is the Founder and Lead Engineer at Rocket Shells. He is the visionary of the company, and has been referred to as Rocket Shells “worst customer” because your drum doesn’t leave the door until Paul says it meets all of his expectations. Most of his days are spent working on new projects and refining old ones. Chances are, if you own a Rocket Shells drum, Paul’s hands were on it at one time or another, and no matter how long ago you purchased, he probably can remember what size you have!

  • Christine Hewitt

    Christine joined the Rocket Shells team in 2009, and is the glue which holds the company together. She is the organizer, and the check signer, and nothing gets done at Rocket Shells without her magic touch. Christine has a design background, and a natural marketing sense, so she is also has a hand in most of Rocket Shells design and marketing projects in one form or another.

  • Kai Katchadourian

    Kai has been an instrumental part of Rocket Shells since its inception in 1994. Having been involved in professional sports since the age of 15, Kai knows firsthand that a performer is only as good as his gear, and development goes hand in hand with demanding players. Kai spends much of his time traveling the globe promoting Rocket Shells, and his windsurfing sail designs Simmer Sails. Kai can hold his own against the best players in the industry, and was one of the original winners of the “Fastest Hands” contest sponsored by NAMM.

  • Dan Piassick

    Dan has been and integral part of Rocket Shells since 1995 and is involved in most marketing and promotional projects. Dan has photographed nearly all of Rocket Shells product shots and is responsible for much of Rocket Shells “look”. Also a professional level player, Dan acts as our “in house endorser” and is a constant inspiration for product improvements and new concepts. Dan consistently has his finger on the pulse of the industry, and is always on the lookout for unique products in the industry. Danny spends most of his time shooting photos and playing gigs in the Dallas area.

  • Don Erb

    Don has been our primary source for design and fabrication of our tooling for nearly 13 years. Having worked for many years in high performance Indy Racing League, accuracy is Don’s middle name. Don currently owns and operates Comptech Marine/Sky Ski and can be found on most sunny days testing his companies high performance hydrofoils on Shasta Lake.

  • Jennifer Hill

    Jennifer has been a part of the Rocket Shells design team since the beginning of our days in California. Her past work includes lead Graphic Designer for Java City, and has freelanced on many popular projects. Jennifer is responsible for most of Rocket Shells Logos, brochures, and other graphic projects, and we always appreciate her keen eye when it comes to the Rocket Shells “look”.

  • Glenn Haslbeck

    Although Glenn is the newest member of our team, he is perhaps the most important! Glenn functions as Rocket Shells’ website designer and IT technician. Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks we face, is conveying through the web, our excitement, and high level of commitment we have in designing and manufacturing professional level products. Glenn’s understanding of both commerce and customer, has helped us give you some insight into why we are so excited about our products, and why we think you will love using them year after year.

  • Alex Wion

    Alex works with Rocket Shells as Lead Technician and Engineer in training. Alex has his hand in many much of the molding, shaping and finish work processes at Rocket Shells, and it is his keen eye and commitment to excellence which keep Rocket Shells products looking and functioning at the highest level. Chances are, if you have one of our products, Alex is the man to thank!